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International Elderly Day was celebrated within the Neoumanist Association in a different way this year. We set the objective, to remind elderly, the music and dances of their youth. So the feast was in a retro style party. (more…)

Neoumanist Association hosted a meeting of Străşeni District Council representatives, with the beneficiaries of the Day Center “Rasarit”.

They discussed about social services and assistance of that can benefit older people:

– Social help

– Help for the cold season

– Tickets for  rehabilitation / recovery

– Compensations

– The size of the pension

– and other topics (more…)

We have started this year with two volunteers from Holland, Carla Deijk and Esther Smit.

Carla it is a very dear friend to our organization, she was visiting us for the 6th time.

She brought a new generation of volunteers, Esther-a student in Social Work.

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The fundraising campaign Make Elderly Happy on Christmas was a huge success thanks to the help of our local partners Moldova Agroindbank, Prometeu-T, Grisan Hamb, Zaal Expo Business, Floarea Soarelui. Together we succeeded in collecting funds to purchase and distribute special Christmas gifts to the beneficiaries of Neoumanist Association.   (more…)


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Philip Morris Company employees brought the holiday spirits to the beneficiaries of the Neoumanist Association through their special projects and efforts.

On Friday the team came to Straseni and in a matter of a few hours transformed the center into a holiday wonderland. They cleaned, organized and decorated the center’s grounds and facilties with brightly colored ornaments now decorating the interior and exterior of the center and residences. The team decked Christmas trees in the activity rooms and festive garlands now decorate the banister, walls and entrance.  Painted reindeers, snowflakes, and other holiday ornaments decorate the entrance, with special candles to use on Christmas Eve. (more…)

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Rene and Riet Rijnbeek were first time volunteers at Neoumanist Association and in Moldova. They are a lovely couple and became our friends from the moment they arrived sharing their love and friendship with our elderly and staff members.