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First volunteers from IBO this year, were Anneke Fijen and Marie-Claire Ottenhof.

We were glad to meet them and to involve in all the Neoumanist projects. Volunteers had helped with cleaning and doing activities with elderly in Spectru  and Rasarit.

 Anneke and Marie-Claire have prepared a personal presentation with photos about Holland and their work and family. The elderly liked it very much.

They were touched by the poverty, elderly in villages have to face and expressed their gratitude for the work the Home –Care teams are doing.

Anneke has written a feedback on their volunteering time at Neoumanist:

“I think you are doing very good work and the elderly really appreciate the attention from volunteers. Everyone was very kind and I felt really welcome. The tasks were variable, what I liked. We were also given the opportunity to be involved in a lot of activities. The Castania holiday home was excellent. There was one thing I thought to be difficult, and that was the difference in language.

I’m very positive about the project and wish you all the best for the future!”

We wish the girls all the best and we’ll be glad to have them back to Moldova!

Article’s author: Tcaci Vladislava, Project Coordinator,  Association for Education “Neoumanist”,tel. (0237) 28003


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Already for many years, AE Neoumanist has been collaborating with the State University, the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance.

Students of the faculty had opportunities to capitalize on their theoretical knowledge within the Neoumanist projects. They were mentored by the university professor, Ms. Liliana Salcuţan, who, with great devotion and openness, collaborates with us every year. (more…)

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International Family Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 September 1993 as a fixed-term event on May 15 of each year and reflects the importance the international community gives to families.

Family Day is celebrated in many countries on the planet in order to raise public awareness and emphasize the importance of the family, as people have begun to move away from this institution. (more…)


When I came here I knew I would stay for half a year. I did not want to be on vacation or to be a foreigner for that long time. So I decided  for the time being in Moldova I would be a Moldoveanca (Moldovanian). I ate the same food, I enjoyed everything as the Molovanians do. (more…)

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Due to the beggining of collaboration with Voluntaris Organization in from  Austrian, Neoumanist Association hosted the first long term volunteer.

Astrid Multerberger have volunteered for six months within the organization. She have helped the Home Care team, taught English lessons to the Day Care elderly, she was involved in the community, while teaching English the employees of “M. Sadoveanu ” Public Library as well as helping a  Straseni family in recovering after a stroke. (more…)


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During  ten days Veronica Timbalari executive director and Ecaterina Bulicanu project coordinator of Neoumanist Association visited the Netherlands. It was a visit within the Fundraising campaign organized by SOM, main sponsor of Neoumanist. (more…)

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Dominique de Ruiter is a very special person and volunteer. Every time she is visiting Moldova and our organization she is preparing a lot of gifts for the elderly and being so sensitive to the people need and poverty, Dominique can help with money, persons she meets on the street or hard working persons in villages. (more…)